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Marriage encompasses time-honoured traditions and rituals that have transcended thousands of years. However, the most significant of these traditions is the ceremonious SaatVachan.

The promise of ‘nourishment, progeny, happiness, prosperity, love, long life and spiritual, physical and mental health’ is taken with each step around the holy pyre. At Hotel Shangri-La, Jalandhar, we promise to make your celebration sacred, perfect and memorable.

The elegant reception areas and plush event spaces cover more than 7500 square feet and have witnessed some of the most significant celebrations.

Located on Level one, The Grand Ballroom is an ideal venue for your celebrations and events. The Shangri-La Ballroom spans approximately 4000 square feet, the Emerald Room adjacent can be used as a special breakaway room and is additionally sized at approximately 600 square feet.

Located on the lower ground level, the Imperial Ballroom can be used for smaller gatherings and more intimate events and covers approximately 3000 square feet of area.

We are here to turn your concerns and stress into a magical experience with our Signature Service. Imagine looking into your partner’s eyes and exchanging vows in a stunning setting that suits your magical moment. Our Signature Theme offerings can provide this experience. In addition, the hotel's award-winning culinary team will craft a divine menu to create a spectacular wedding feast and ensure that you taste a little bit of heaven on your special day. We believe a couple’s wedding cake should be memorable. Whether you are in need of some sweet inspiration or have your heart set on something intricate and extraordinary, our Chefs will present you with spectacular creations that are full of flavour and of the highest quality.

As your very own fairy tale unfolds before your eyes, you will know you have made the right choice.

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Our dedicated wedding planners can help your organise your big fat Indian wedding encapsulating some popular wedding themes:

Moghul Theme:

Inspired by the Moghul era of the Nawabs, this setup takes you back to the royalty showcased by the Moghul emperors. This theme is majestic, ornate and grand. The theme is manifested with moghul sets and the entire serving staff is dressed up in costume imitations from the Moghul empire.

On approaching the entrance, the guests would we welcomed with the sound of “shehnai” , there would be “Chobdars” – Durbans, “Kaneez” – hostess clad in authentic muslim attire who would shower “ittar” – perfume on the guests and present the ladies with “gajjras” and hand over rose buds to the men.

The seating arrangement would be low tables with mattresses covered in white sheets, topped with colourful cushions and bolsters for support and comfort. Each seating table would have one hookah placed for the guests seated within that area.

The food which is an integral part of the occasion would include delicacies such as special Mughali “biryani” and many more mouthwatering dishes which would be served out of authentic vessels giving the atmosphere a royal ambience.

For entertainment there would be “Akbar KeNauRatan” – nine pieces of classical orchestra playing apt “ragas/tunes”, followed by a Kathak performance which is the classical Indian dance by renowned artists.

The stage would be decorated as a typical Mughal Durbar from where the crowd can watch the performances.

Chowk Theme:

Designed with the thought of crafting a “Bazaar Chowk” – street market, the setup would include colourful attractions to entertain the guests. There would be street side vendors displaying their creations, cooked in front of the guests. A “Kadai” and “Tawa Chana” would be placed with a spread of hot and appetizing vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights with an array of Indian breads and lite bites cooked on a griddle. The dessert selections would include a traditional mitthaiwala and a thelewala serving rich Indian sweets. A mehendiwala would be seated on one side, tracing intricate designs on the women’s palms which is part of the traditional Indian custom in Hindu weddings. A bangle vendor would be displaying a variety of bangles and handing them over to the ladies in pouches.

Punjabi Theme:

The Punjabi Folk theme gets its inspiration from the Northern Province of the country. The theme is setup with elaborate thatched abode structures, comprising of a mix of large huts, resting places and some drink stalls.

On entering the guests would be welcomed with “Aarti” -“Tikka” and garlands by the hostesses dressed in a “Salwar – Kameez” who would then shower rose petals on them as they walk-in. There would be “Pagriwalas” standing on either side of the pathway, who would tie colourful “pagris” (turbans) on the menfolk and present the ladies with brightly coloured ‘duppattas’ (scarves), after which the guests are led in.

A bhangra troupe would be performing as a welcome for the guests on one side and on the other side, there would be free flow of drinks and appetizers served by the staff dressed in colourful Punjabi costumes. The bar would also be done up as a hut.

A “Giddatroup” (a troup of ladies dancing and singing would then take over) while the dinner would be served. The buffet would be made of thatched huts and jute structures.

There would be adequate seating like “piris”, “mooras” with centre tables and charpais provided at strategic points in both the lawns.